We believe that the message of the Church is redemptive. The entire person must be reached with the gospel of love, peace, and hope.  Humanity must be presented with the claims of Christ and be led to a and opportunity for personal commitment.  

We preach and declare the death, burial, resurrection, ascension and the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In this, our mission is to Communicate the Changeless Christ in a Changing World.  At Wake-Eden we accomplish this mission by:

"Knowing the Love of Christ, Loving the Christ We Know,

and Serving the People He Loves." 

Our Four Core Values for Serving the People He Loves are:

  • WE Hear – WE inquire and listen to our community to discern its needs.
  • WE Care – WE believe that love and service is the fabric of community engagement.
  • WE Share – WE recruit volunteers to respond to community needs by sharing our resources and developing partnerships of service.
  • WE Dare – WE advocate for underserved populations through our Missions Ministry and Ambassadors for Justice programs, and provide childhood education through our Academy.